~ New Chainmaille Weaves (for me, anyway!)

I felt like trying some new weaves this past week – Turkish Round, Full Persian, a looser Turkish Round, and one that didn’t turn out exactly like a picture I saw but close enough.  Not sure what the name of that weave was but I think it was a Japanese variety of weave.



3 thoughts on “~ New Chainmaille Weaves (for me, anyway!)

  1. The unnamed weave to which you had a question about is a variation of Japanese Lace (also a variation of the basic Japanese 6:1 / 12:2) Chainmaille pattern. In your Full Persian piece, I couldn’t tell from the photo, is that a Barrel / orbital unit?

  2. Hi, Dion, thanks! That is an easy name to remember don’t know why it didn’t stick with me. The larger rings in the Persian aren’t orbital but I couldn’t tell you what they were called either. I just kinda made those up as I went. I do that a lot and thankfully the projects work out. =)

  3. that happens to me too. I think I did something new, so I go to M.A.I.L. and find out it’s called something else.

    Relatively new to this, compared to others, but I’ve picked it up quickly. A lot of people where I live LOVE my work, but not the Price Tag. When I explain that it’s all done by Hand, and that the bulk of my prices only really covers materials and not much for the Time involved, the Lights go off, especially when I tell them how long some of the more elaborate ones take to make.

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