~ Goofing off at the FYE Twilight Eclipse DVD Release Party


My daughter and I (for some portion of time, my buddy Maureen) dutifully went to the FYE at Fair Oaks to attend the midnight DVD release party for Eclipse.  The crowd was a smaller this year.  Not sure if it was lack of advertising or if it was just too cold and too late to attend, but we were there in force.  I didn’t win big like I did last year on trivia – the questions were from the book and I only really know Twilight from the movies, but Miranda won a $10 FYE gift card.  Our location screened the movie while we waited for midnight but in the meanwhile, Miranda and I goofed off with the life-sized cardboard posters (with permission from the store, of course!) outside FYE. 

After midnight, we spent the next hour scouring the local McDonald’s locations for Happy Meal Hello Kitty watches!  We were successful and found all seven!  After just a few hours of sleep, we went to Target and picked up the collector’s edition of Eclipse, too.  Needless to say, we were tired mommy and daughter by the end of the day.  The Eclipse release has renewed my excitement for Twilight once again.  On the convention front, we’re already purchased our Gold Passes and look forward to the guest list and activities.  More to post on this later.


On the chainmaille front, the projects below are my latest.  They were inspired from Rebecca Mojica’s new book “CHAINED“.  Absolutely great book filled with awesome projects.  Get your autographed copy from Blue Buddha Boutique.


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