~ Awesome Art Class at Queen’s Ink

Miranda and I attended an all-day mixed media paint class yesterday.  The three teachers, ShaDeeLa (Sharon, Dee and Deb), and helper-mom Mimi, taught a very technique-heavy and “work out of your comfort zone( for me)” class using acrylic paints, inks and other art materials.

I was definitely out of my element as abstract painting really isn’t my niche.  There is definitely a natural flow and controlled chaos in this type of art that I’ll try to embrace more in future projects.  I wanted Miranda to learn some new skills to apply towards the art she needs to produce for her portfolio.  When we returned home from our long day of art and shopping we put the test to the men in the house.  They were able to pick out who painted which project right away! =)

I recommend taking classes with these talented ladies and at Queen’s Ink in Savage, Maryland.  Well worth the time and experience.


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