~ Awesome Birthday Weekend

I had a great birthday weekend starting with Friday lunch at Filomena in Georgetown with the ladies from work.  We were fortunate to be in Filomena when the owner came in.  She was super nice coming by to talk with us and wished me a happy birthday.  She even joined us for picture! =)  She is the lady to right in pink.  Sadly, the Pasta Mamas were not making pasta in the window while we were there but that gives me an excuse to go back for a visit!

After lunch we walked a couple of blocks to pick up my cupcakes.  If you’re familiar with the show DC Cupcake, that’s where I purchased my birthday cupcakes (AKA Georgetown Cupcake) I took my three dozen cupcakes home and made it into a cupcake tower.  After taking plenty of photos of it, I gave many of the cupcakes away.  Really, how can a family of four consume 36 cupcakes before they go stale?

The festivities continued on Saturday with the family at La Tasca in Old Town Alexandria for tapas and Sunday we watched The Avengers.  It was a great three days!


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