~ Team Edward, Team Jacob & Team Emmett

It’s been a while since my last Twilight-themed project.  With the release of Eclipse, I’ve been inspired anew!  {{{Speaking of Eclipse, 11 viewings and counting!}}}  I found out from my visit to Las Vegas that my nieces are also fans of Twilight, a couple of little Edward fans and one Emmett fan.  Here are my latest pieces.  All of the pieces for the Jacob and Emmett necklaces can be found at Michael’s.  I picked up the Edward pieces at a cute little scrapbook store in San Diego called Paper Tales back in April while I was on business travel.  Please leave me a comment if you’ve come by for a visit and tell me whose Team you’re on!

Team Jacob (front & back)

{embellishment detail and a saying my daughter and I picked up from Taylor Lautner’s SNL skit}


 Team Emmett (front and back)



 Team Edward – Sorry about the poor photos of the Edward charms.  The photos are covered with magnifying glass pebbles that are very difficult to photograph!

Stuff:  Jacob & Emmett – Tim Holtz (gears, chain, type charm), Inkssentials (frames, glass), Jolees (beads); Edward – Doodlebug (gems), Paper Tales (frame, glass pebble) 

9 thoughts on “~ Team Edward, Team Jacob & Team Emmett

  1. Love it Lea! I would love to have the Team Jacob even though I’m a die hard Edward team mate LOL Just for the saying from SNL

  2. I LOVE the cookies line! haha Great idea to use that. I’ll be sure to show Em…she’ll love these! I really admire your creativity.

  3. Still Team Edward here! hee hee I can’t help it. It probably has a lot to do with reading the books, although I do like Rob’s looks. Plus I do believe those two really do have some type of bond to each other.
    Oh a little fact for your daughter and her Team Jacob. Mr. Taylor grew up only 2 hours from where I live. LOL He’s a Michigander… Of course he moved to CA when he was eleven I believe, to persue his acting career.
    Anyhoo enough babbling from me. Let’s talk about your fabulous jewelery. My gosh girl these items are Awesome! By any chance would those game pieces from BK work as pictures? I am think the small size would work great for jewelery.
    One last note….Applauses on probably the person who has seen this movie the most. hee hee

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE your stuff!!! i think we should have a craft 101 day with you lol

    sending all my twi-sis love

  5. Your blog is really impressive and love the way you are making your cards and necklaces as well so thanks so much for sharing with us 🙂


  6. Hey Lea your jewelry is amazing!! I would SO love to have the Team Emmett long pendant…. i also love reading all of ur blogs etc. Thank you!

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