~ Twilight Weekend!

Omigosh–this past weekend was a total blast!  With my daughter in tow, we met for the second annual Official Twilight Convention in Arlington, VA, with old and new members of Twilight Sorority.  Our experience this year was even greater than last year’s!  Wow, where do I start?  Miranda, I, and several members of the group chose to go VIP (which is awesome and the only way to go).  We sat closer to the stage and got some great photos throughout the event.  Miranda mustered enough moxy to ask actor Bronson Pelletier to prom and he tweeted it!  Karaoke with Bronson Pelletier was something to remember when our group sang Blondie’s One Way or Another.  If felt like one of those surreal “What happens in Las Vegas…” moments (more like “What happens in Arlington at the Twilight Convention…).  Our group also went up earlier for another song, Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive.  Though I didn’t win the centerpiece contest this year, I was able to donate my project for charity.  Thanks to actor Bill Tangradi for talking with me at length about turning my loss into good karma and suggesting the charity donation.  The three pieces of my centerpieces earned $320 for Chaske Spencer‘s and Charlie Bewley‘s charities (Be the Shift, Run for Life).   Oh, major news–one of our new members is a guy! =)  Sweet Henry came to the convention alone but I wouldn’t have any of that.  We adopted him right away.  We’re an equal opportunity kinds of gals!

Our group is famous now!  Twilight Sorority was mentioned in the Washington Post (thanks to our awesome new member, Henry) and photos of Melisa and I were included in the Clarendon-Courthouse-Rosslyn Patch from the banner/photo auction.

Slideshows of my photos from the convention are below – If at any time you want to view the non-moving versions, click on View All Images under each strip.

April 14-April 15 – Trivia in Em & Michelle’s Room the night before the convention, picture-taking on the first day, Scene-It Trivia Contest

April 15 – Gil Birmingham (Billy Black), Leah Gibson (Nettie), Bronson Pelletier (Jared)

April 15 – Karaoke

April 16 – Gil Birmingham (Billy Black), Leah Gibson (Nettie), Bronson Pelletier (Jared), Chaske Spencer (Sam), Bill Tangradi (Randall), Charlie Bewley (Demetri)

April 16 – Ball Centerpieces and Actors in attendance

April 17 – Signing and Live Charity Auction of My Centerpiece

April 17 – Chaske Spence (Sam), Patrick Brennan (Liam), Charlie Bewley (Demetri)



5 thoughts on “~ Twilight Weekend!

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  3. Hi Lea…I love the centerpieces that you made for the convention. I love everything that you do but of course I’m partial to the bracelet that you made me. I’m so glad that I joined the Twilight Sorority to find you and your excellent craftsmanship. (((hugz)))

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