~ Twilight/New Moon-inspired Necklace

NM necklace 006

Here’s my first project since my ACL surgery.  Oh, talking about the surgery–the doc reconstructed the ACL and also repaired the anterior miniscus.  I guess there was more damage than what was originally seen in the MRI.  Recovery is slow and painful but I hope to soon be walking around soon (with crutches, of course).  With some luck I will be making more BIA projects, too. =)

 NM necklace 0040001NM necklace 018 

This piece of jewelry doesn’t have pictures from the movie or characters like my other pieces do.  I was inspired by the medieval quality of the chain and had Italy in mind when I made this project.  I used two shades of chocolatey brown beads (instead of black) with the red and white.  The two lengths of chain are approximately 18″, the top chain is just a smidge shorter than the bottom chain.

Stuff:  Tim Holtz – chain, gear; Jolee’s – crystal beads and moon; Michael’s – jewelry findings


6 thoughts on “~ Twilight/New Moon-inspired Necklace

  1. I love your blog. I will be back soon when I have more time to check things out. Man you are so talented. I love everything I have seen so far. WOW!!

  2. love it….ok, i JUST saw Twilight this past weekend, and i now understand your “enthusiasm”!! LOL! sign me up for Team Edward!

  3. This is a beautiful chain from the chain itself to the color combo. If you have an etsy shop or a site you sell your jewelry on, please feel free to post them in my handmade shops directory. Hope you feel better soon!

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