~ Latest Twilight/New Moon Bracelets

12/01/09 UPDATE – Click here for PDF file – Directions on how to make a bracelet and necklace.  See my earlier posts for additional photos of the projects included in the file.


Here are my latest Twilight Saga bracelets.  All of them have a “Jacob/Wolfpack/Tattoo” feeling about them.  Not to worry, Team Edward fans.  I’ll be back to my old Team Edward tricks once Eclipse rolls around next year.  Let’s just say that 2009 is the year of the wolf (much to my daughter’s delight).  Please take a look at my earlier Twilight jewelry when you get a chance:  (1) Twilight Saga Bracelet, (2) New Moon Poster Necklace, (3) Jacob & Bella bracelet, (4) New Moon-inspired necklace and leave me comments.  

The name of the following bracelet says it all for my daughter.  This one is her favorite because of the Jacob charm.

{Jacob Bracelet}


One bracelet in particular is a little different — a “Team Paul” bracelet I made for a really nice lady at our local Hot Topic at Fair Oaks.  She is always so helpful and cheery when we visit.  The last time we went (Wednesday before Thanksgiving) she told me that she was a Team Paul girl.  Knowing that nothing exists outside of Team Edward or Team Jacob merchandise, I decided to make a special bracelet for her on Thanksgiving.  We’ll drop by the mall on Sunday morning to give it to her. =)  The charms are double-sided.

{Team Paul Bracelet}

The New Moon Poster Bracelet is my favorite of the four and the only one that I’m keeping for myself.  I like this simpler style compared to the other three.

{New Moon Poster Bracelet}


The last bracelet was made from cannibalizing parts from a Jacob key/bag clip I bought from Hot Topic.  Sure, there is a Jacob bracelet out there ready-made that I could have picked up from FYE but I thought the chain looked a little flimsy.  I like adding my own touches to the projects that wouldn’t otherwise be there if you store-buy only.

{Wolfpack Bracelet}


Thanks all who have asked me about my jewelry.  I’m glad you like them BUT I don’t make them for sale.  Sorry!  I’m happy to share supply lists and directions on how to make these.  The photos used on the charms are all available online and can be sized and printed using your own computer and printer.  You can find similar chains and jewelry findings at any of the big box craft stores. 

Stuff:  Tim Holtz – chains and type charms ; Jolee’s – beads; 7 Gypsies – charms; jewelry findings

15 thoughts on “~ Latest Twilight/New Moon Bracelets

  1. Would you mind sending or posting the directions for the bracelets. I’m sure I’m the only person in the world that didn’t read the books or see the movies, but I’d love to learn how to make them none the less. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Paula,
    Thanks for asking for directions. Please see the PDF file I included in the post. Though the directions address my earlier jewelry, you can apply towards anything you’d like to make. Hope this works for you. Please visit me again and let me what you make. =)


  3. Hello~! I enjoyed reading about your twilight new moon reviews post!~ please do come visit me sometime as well~!

  4. WOW!!! I am also a Team Paul. He is just so perfect hes pretective and sweet at the same time and of course hes dangerous. i love them all though can you tell me whrer to get the beads?


    <3*~Team Paul~*<3

  5. I don’t have a website: ( But I would love the directions!!! Usually make bracelets for my nieces for Xmas and yours are ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!! Keep up the inspiring work : ) Thanks, Joy

  6. Joy, there is a PDF file at the top of this post. Please download it. It has directions on how to make a bracelet similar to the Paul bracelet and for an earlier necklace. Hope you can use it! =)

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  8. Could you please send me supply list and instructions on how to make your jewelry. I love the poster charm bracelet and my granddaughter LOVES Twilight and Jacob so I would love to make these bracelets for her. Your great! I’m going to follow your blog. I have one also at bugjuiced.blogspot.com

    Deb C

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