~ Window art, chainmaille and Kazuri


I’ve been busy with various projects these last few weeks.  Chainmailling has been my active obsession for at least a month now and I discovered Kazuri beads just last week.  Today we visited an old gristmill that is hosting an art show.  The family took an interest in the actual paintings and sculptures while I paid more attention to the “window dressing” in the mill.  Each window or available ledge was decorated with fall gourds, chestnuts and a green fruit/veggie (not sure what it is — if you know, post here and tell me!)   On the Twilight front, I’d been stalking the Twilight Convention site for a while now to see when tickets would be sold.  Low and behold, I found tickets on sale Thursday night.  I promptly purchased my Gold Packages on Friday morning! =)  Great seats this time. 

 {top – Twilight themed, beaded 6-in-1; bottom left – 8-in-1; bottom right – fall themed 6-in-1} 

{top – box chain charm; bottom – Kazuri bead necklaces}


4 thoughts on “~ Window art, chainmaille and Kazuri

  1. Pretty photos and lovely chainmail work Lea – you really are great at creating these jewellery treasures!!!

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  3. Hi, Kathy! I don’t actually sell the chainmaille because it is very time-intensive (more so than my book projects). I do know several folks who do make chainmaille and sell if you’re interested.

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