~ Another Year Older and a Team Edward Bracelet

Happy birthday to my baby girl, Miranda.  Goofy girl couldn’t figure out which face to do in pictures so I captured several and made a colorful combo.

Latest Team Edward custom order finished this morning.  Various beads included – Czech glass, semi-precious Jasper, Bamboo Coral and shell.

Still one more bracelet available.  If you’re interested, email me at leasanders@yahoo.com.  Additional details in the post below this one.  Thanks!

6 thoughts on “~ Another Year Older and a Team Edward Bracelet

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  3. I saw that you were giving away a Twilight charm bracelet. Not sure if I am doing this correctly, but I love that Team Edward bracelet! I like all of the other ones too, but I am Team Edward all the way:) You are so talented, all of these things look amazing! I wish I could be that crafty!!!!!!!!! Love your Facebook page too. I am fairly new to it, but I LOVE Twilight & everyone in the group seems so nice:) I could go on all day, but I won’t take up any more time. Thanks so much for the FB page & everything. It’s so nice to have people to share the Twilight experience with!


    Jo-Anna Rasnake Kalinsky

  4. Love this bracelet! I make handmade jewelry and have some Twilight themed ones myself. I just love your Team Edward ones, as I am Robert fan all the way! It’s cool to see fellow crafters loving Twilight. I have a website and Facebook set up for Pitter Pattinson Syndrome which is my love for all things Robert. I also have a website and Facebook for A Touch of Sparkle, which is where I show my handmade goodies. Just wanted you to know how cool I think your stuff is. Thanks!

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