~ Handmade Twilight Bracelet


Alrighty, all!  For those of you following my Twilight movie count, I’m up to 22 23 now (updated 02/08).  So, in the vein of “fan art”, here is a bracelet I finished making for my daughter, Miranda, last night.  The charms are double-sided!  This is only the second time I’ve made a bracelet like this and with cute little crystals, too!  Click on each of the photos to get a closer look.  Challenge for you in blogland, make a bracelet of your own and post a comment back on this post to let me know you’ve made one.  I’d love to see yours. =) 




Stuff:  7 Gypsies – bracelet and charms (now discontinued and very hard to find), Jolee’s – crystals


24 thoughts on “~ Handmade Twilight Bracelet

  1. That is so cool! And so well done! Emily and my sister Jenn are hooked on these books. So are half the teachers in my building. I’m mostly through New Moon, so clearly I’m not as rabid.. ha! Btw, Jenn wants you to make her a bracelet!!! 🙂

  2. OMG!!! OMG!!! The bracelet is Killer! LOVE LOVE IT!

    it’s bumming that the 7 Gypsies bracelet is discontinued, I have some charms for it, but no bracelet. I think my Mom has some kind of bracelet in her store, but I can’t think of who makes them. They do some cool alter bracelets with them, of course not as cool as this twilight one. Girl you are so talented. Love your ideas!

  3. can you believe I have not read or seen twilight yet? I’m sooo behind! maybe by summer I’ll get caught up! love this bracelet, great work!

  4. Oh my. Lizzy would go NUTS for this. She cannot stop talking about Twilight! I might have to break out my Simply Swank kit and make some charms. What did you use for the images? TFS Lea!!! 🙂

  5. GASP!!!! I want this!! I need this!!!:)
    Would you ever make one to sell? I would soooooo buy one!!!
    Im also a diehard Twilight fan!!!..I LOVE “Edward”
    Trace G

  6. Oh sweety! I can’t believe you! It truly is a master piece! 🙂 Gorgeous work 🙂 Hugs my sweets!

  7. hi lea. this is so COOL! i would love to have one of these. hihihi. i’ll see if i can make one for myself. hehe. i’m gonna have a problem looking for a bracelet with similar charms though but i’ll try. 🙂

    thanks for sharing this project.

  8. This is GORGEOUS!!! You rock those Twilight projects!!! You should play along on the Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge!!

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  10. OMG this is so amazingly cool. I must have one!! Thank you so much for sharing this project. Too awesome! 🙂


  11. Wow! This is great. Where do the Twilight pictures come from? Do you have to shrink them down or are they already small?

  12. Hi! I just found this and I have been looking for a while for the perfect Twilight bracelet and this is it! Would you ever consider making one to sell? I am not very crafty, and I know mine would never come out this well even if I tried my hardest. Please let me know how much you would charge to make one if your willing and if you would ship it to me. Either way yours is very beautiful and you are amazingly talented. Thanks for your time.

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  14. i was wondering if you would ever sell one. i tried to make it but it looked terrible my sister loves the bracelets

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