~ Zutter 11 for ’11 Blog Hop

Welcome to the “Twilight Zister” leg of the Zutter Blog hop! 

What are your scrapping plans for 2011?  I intend to scrap my photos more often in 2011.  Last year I scrapped specific occasions but this year I think I’ll try to group events by month and scrap them together in one book using my trusty Bind-it-All, of course!  Leave me a comment to let me know what you’re going to try to do differently with your projects this year for a chance to be picked randomly for a Zutter supply pack of “o-wires, covers, Cover-Alls and surprises. 

For today’s blog hop, I’m sharing a new Team Jacob-themed project I made for the Twilight Convention in Arlington, April 2011.  This project was really a snap to do as I kept the embellishment to a very bare minimum and the Cover-All gave the project a more bookish-feel.  The intention is to provide a place for the autographs my daughter will collect from the convention stars.  Right now the inside is empty but it will fill up with pictures and memories from the event.  See list of supplies at the bottom of this post.

Thanks so much for your visit!  Please visit my Zisters from January 5-12 for one of 11 chances to win a Zutter prize.

Original Zutter Zisters

Design Team 2009-2010

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Wolfgirl Twilight Autograph Book Supplies:

Zutter Products

 Other Materials

  • Diecuts with a View – pattered paper
  • Creative Imaginations – patterned paper
  • Teresa Collins – patterned paper
  • Basic Grey – patterned paper, cardstock
  • Magenta – tabbed chipboard
  • Making Memories – acrylic paint
  • My Mind’s Eye – flocked chipboard alpha stickers
  • Tim Holtz – acrylic tile, type alpha letters and epoxy stickers, ball chain, gears
  • JudiKins – Diamond Glaze
  • Stampin’ Up! – ink
  • silver charm

158 thoughts on “~ Zutter 11 for ’11 Blog Hop

  1. Hi Lea, I’m not Twilight fan , but the work you did is beautiful!!
    I hope, I promise, this year I’ll do many albums, I was a little lazy in 2010!
    Hugs and kisses!!

  2. I hope to get “caught up” on my scrapping this year. Since I’m just working on 2001 right now, my goal may be a little unrealistic! But, I will give it a shot anyway…:o)

    You did a great job on this album! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Love the team Jacob album!!! I’m going to try to use all those tools I bought last year on my projects this year!

  4. This album is fantastic Lea! This year I plan to do more albums and Lo. I seem to have gotten stuck on making cards so it’s time to mix it up a bit, lol. TFS, Mary M

  5. What a great book you’ve made. I’m not a twilight fan really, but I do like this book!
    Sylvia A

  6. Not a Twilight fan, but I totally get it! I fell in love with the new DCWV papers and plan to find SOMETHING to use them for! Your album is amazing! Are all of your friends jealous? LOL! Thanks for sharing it!

  7. HI,
    I am loving this blog hop, it is fun seeing all the creative things that can be done,
    Thanks for your inspiration,

  8. I haven’t seen or read any of the Twilight series, but I am loving the colors of your book! And, you have inspired me to print out my blog and bind it month by month so I’ll have a printed copy. Thanks!

  9. What a great project. My daughter is a huge Twilight fan and would love to go to a convention but living on the other side of the world it’s not going to happen. Thanks for sharing your great work.

  10. I really like the idea of scrapping pictures by the month…I think that’s the idea I’ve been waiting for. I’ve heard of doing your pictures by event, or by person, or chronologically and none of those seemed to suit me. Thanks for the idea! Thanks also for the Autograph book idea – very nice.

  11. WOW! I am speachless! This is totally awesome! I have a Son who writes poetry and this would be the perfect gift idea for him! I truly do think this is the BEST project!! Well done, hope the convention is as amazing as your wonderful album 🙂

  12. Haven’t used my bind-it-all for a while. This is great inspiration to get busy with it again! Thanks. I think I’d like to try using my bind-it-all to create a useful catalog for my holiday heirlooms so my children will know where some of the items came from.

  13. Wow!!! This is a drop dead gorgeous book! You got talent, girl! The Bind It All makes it so easy to be creative, but you have taken it to great hights. Fabulous project!

  14. Oooh…I’m sort of a closet Twilight fan and I LOVE the way this looks; so true to the movie with it’s colors and it’s mystery. It’s just lovely! I especially love the punching you did through the pictures and the clasp on the front-beautiful work!

  15. This book is gorgeous. You did a wonderful job putting it all together. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  16. Different and interesting project. I like it. As to what I will do differently? Scrap more of my life, rather than my kids and grandkids.

  17. Well Ms. Lea! You have done it again!! I seriously mean that, this “jacob” book for Miranda, is amazely put together, love that cover, but love what you did in the inside too. She is going to be the rage at the convention this year, sporting this book. WTG Lea!

  18. vaguely aware of twilight….does not matter….your book is SOOO beautiful! this year plan on shopping less and using more of my stash…also, like the idea of documenting my life now…with the kids out of the house I sometimes don´t think of that….maybe a monthly review of what dh and i did would be fun set of pages in a mini

  19. OMGOSH I am wanting the Immortal Love sooo bad you did an amazing job….beautiful!
    In 2011 I will be using more stash…..i have bought way tooo much and need to use it!!!!

  20. I love your project!!….I am hoping to get more scrapping done this year…I am sooo far behind and if I don’t do something soon, I’ll never get caught up…lol!…but then again thats part of the fun of scrapping…no rules!

    Thanks for the ideas!

  21. My daughter would love your book. My plans this year is to finish the projects I start.
    I want to make more books to put photos of my kids in so there is proof I finish projects.

  22. Very cool blog. My intentions for the upcoming year is to use more of my stash and not buy any more paper or embellishments. So far so good.

  23. Will you still speak to me if I admit I have never watched Twilight, read Twilight or anything else Twilight? 😉 I love the stuff you make for it though!!

  24. wow you are truly a twilight fan! awesome binder! I read all the books before twilight ever hit the theater and of course saw all the movies more than once in the theater and now own the movies that are out! I am also excited to see how they will do breaking dawn, that one should be interesting! LOL
    as far as what I plan to do with my projects, well as far as layouts, put them in albums as soon as complete, no more piles!! other projects not sure! LOL

  25. What a great project.

    This year I think I will be making more mini albums – I find I can cope with the smaller size whereas the 12×12 can sometimes be a bit daunting. I won’t be giving up on 12×12 because there are times when that is the only format that will do.

    Toni :o)

  26. What a gorgeously embellished book! I too hope to scrapbook this year and binding with my BIA is a great idea – instead of buying one of those photo books.

  27. Your daughter is going to love this!!! Great project..TFS!! My plans for this year are to try out new techniques and crafts (I just started my very first quilt).

  28. Thanks for sharing a beautiful project. You did a great job! I just finished Bind-it-All 101 and can’t wait to start some projects.

  29. I’m a big twilight fan, and all of your Jewelry and albums are spectacular! Have a great New year!

  30. My Twilight-crazy 20-year old would adore this, and I have to say–it is pretty fab, even if I wouldn’t necessarily make it for myself..but another theme, maybe?

  31. I haven’t been to your blog before, how fun. I will have to show my daughter, I am a Twilight fan, but she is even more so. Your book is beautiful, I will be back for more inspiration. Thanks

  32. I am not a Twighlight fan but my DIL is and I bet she would love something like this. You did an awesome job on this. I hope to do more digital scrap booking and put them in bind it all books.

  33. Very COOOOOL project! The BIA was perfect for this – and you rocked the whole book! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  34. like your first commenter, I’m NOT a Twilight fan (which means, of course, that you won’t pick me) but I have to say that your project is beautiful; lovely pages!!!

  35. Lea, happy new year! I totally love that project. I LOVE Twilight and can’t believe we have to wait until november for breaking dawn… thanks for sharing your great project!

  36. This year I really want to just make time to actually scrapbook…you know…to some actual layouts. Last year I completed ONE two-page layout for the whole year, yet I have about 10,000 invested in supplies. Something is wrong with me….I think I need some zutter products to inspire me, hint hint!!!!

  37. Oh WOW! Love it! My daughter would go nuts if I made her one of these!
    Thanks so much for sharing ….Blog Hop 2011 is so inspiring!

  38. I’m trying to step outside of my comfort zone and utilze more inks and mists in my scrapbook projects this year.

  39. Wow! Pretty intense scrapbooking!! I’m not really into the Twilight thing but I appreciate the fervor!! Rich color choices, nice composition!

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