~ Latest Jewelry Projects

I haven’t been keeping up with blog-posting my chainmaille or beaded jewelry!  Here are a few of my more recent projects.  The bracelet above has amethyst and glass rondelles with aluminum rings in byzantine.  The chainmaille bracelet below is elfweave, the first I’ve tried from a kit from Blue Buddha Boutique.

The necklaces above are part of a going-away package I’m making for my co-workers (amethyst, blue aventurine, agate, glass rondelles).  Yep, I’m the one who is going away to a new job but they’ll get the goodies. =)  They were modeled after my original “Purple Thursday” necklace below (agate and glass).  My branch has a routine or dressing in purple on Thursdays.  It is just something quirky that we do!



I had just finished the necklace above (lapis lazuli, blue candy jade, turquoise, moonstone, blue quartz) and 15 mins later it was sold to a high school friend of my brother’s on Facebook.  There was also a matching bracelet.  The necklace below is something I made on a whim using a lot of different beads – amethyst, jade, tourmaline, garnet, fresh water pearls, red tiger’s eye.  The rings on the project below are brass.



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