February’s Beaded Bracelets

So the thought came across my mind that I should try to do a craft fair.  A friend had posted on Facebook that there would be one close to her home at the end of March.  Not sure I’d be ready by then as I need to do a little more research on how to collect payment, how many items to bring, pricing, etc.  If you have any helpful advice and have experience doing craft fairs, would love to read about it.  Just post a comment below.


Here are the new bead combos I put together this weekend.

If you’d like to place an order, see price list in the post below this one (https://leasanders.wordpress.com/2014/01/22/januarys-beaded-bracelets-and-price-list/).  If you order in the next few days (stateside), you can get them by Valentine’s Day. =)


January’s beaded bracelets and price list


So, I’ve decided that I will try to make new bracelets each month–even if it is just one or two (or a dozen)!  A high school classmate contacted me last week after she saw posts of several bracelets (see bottom of this post for those projects) that I made for family and placed an order. =)  Not knowing what she would like, I put these combinations together.  Hopefully she’ll like them.

Happy to take custom orders!  I take payment by Paypal and ship via USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate (approximately $7.70 for a small box).

Price List:

  • Single strand beaded bracelets  $20 (extra if more expensive beads used)
  • Double strand beaded bracelets $30 (extra if more expensive beads used)
  • Chainmaille with or without beads start at $25 (Please do a search on chainmaille on my blog so you can see what I’m talking about.)

Here are the bracelets I made for family (green garnet, tourmaline, lapis lazuli and hematite).